/10 Digital Marketing Tips You Should Not Ignore This 2019
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10 Digital Marketing Tips You Should Not Ignore This 2019

When it comes to Digital Marketing, there are lots of things to consider, rules to follow and do’s and don’ts to remember. The thing is, every business needs an excellent online marketing campaign to entice more audience to visit their website and convert them into paying clients. However, it is essential to stay on top of your competition.

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This year, open your mind and get ready to achieve a better conversion rate through the help of the following must-do tricks.

1. Cleanup Your Citations

Your local citations are among the first thing you need to work on this year. It doesn’t matter if you own an established business or is still a startup business owner. Taking advantage of reliable citation cleanup services such as SerpSpace Citation Cleanup will help you rank better locally. But how?

Local Citations are any online mentions that contain your business name, address, contact number, and often, your website URL as well. By availing the services of SerpSpace Citation Cleanup, you get assurance that all of your local citations will be up-to-date. You no longer need to clean up and audit your business citations. They can even remove duplicate listings and correct wrong listings for you.

2. Utilize Facebook for B2B Marketing

Nowadays, Facebook became an excellent platform used by businesses all of the kinds to introduce their brand, market their goods and services, and eventually make conversions. Make sure to only have one FB page for your business to avoid confusion among clients and your target audiences. Post regular updates and share relevant posts that your followers will find useful, entertaining, and engaging. Interact with your audience, build a bigger network, and attract new clients with Facebook’s advertising platform.

3. Take Advantage Of Chatbots

Using this specialized software allows you to assist and communicate with your clients. Chatbots offer fast and relevant answers to your customer’s inquiries. These are also cheaper than hiring a real human to work on answering client chats. By having chatbots, you get to minimize the kind of error human chat operators make, thus increasing the likelihood of gaining new customers and closing a sale.

4. Do Video Marketing

If you check on Facebook, most of the content now are no longer written posts and infographics, but videos. This only proves how effective video marketing is in social media. The best thing about videos is that they speak for themselves, are an excellent way to communicate to your audience and can make an impact when done the right direction.

When creating videos for marketing purposes, make sure to tell a story, craft an exciting title, and think about SEO. Make your videos mobile-friendly. Evoke emotions with the help of music and educate your audience by focusing on your mission.

5. Do Voice Commerce

More people are taking advantage of voice search when looking for the products they need. This only means you need to keep up and incorporate voice commerce in your digital marketing strategy. But what is voice commerce anyway?

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Many internet users nowadays use Alexa and Google Assistant to find the goods and services they need. With voice commerce, one no longer requires a mouse and keyboard to search something on the internet, but rather their voice is enough to complete a search effectively. So, make sure to consider creating content that is voice command friendly.

6. Never Stop Optimizing User Experience

What makes your site visitors stay is not merely quality content, but the fact that your site visitors have a pleasant experience while on your website. Be consistent when testing and monitoring your website. Make it a priority to always optimize user experience by improving page speed and navigation. Your site also needs to be responsive, mobile-friendly, have attractive images, and play with call-to-action buttons.

7.  Leverage Using VR and AR

Augmented and Virtual Reality are becoming increasingly popular these days. This is thanks to their ability to make customers get an in-depth feel of goods and services before buying the product itself. VR and AR allow target audiences to bring products to life, enabling your audience to get experience  your offers before they even buy your product. 

8. Solve Problems Through Quality Content Creation

Even in 2019 and beyond, one can agree that content still reigns as the king. It makes sense not to write contents just fast for the sake of it, but because you can maximize your SEO efforts through content marketing. Craft content that is relevant, high-quality, and engaging. Solve your audience’s problems through your content, and you gain not only popularity but establish a good reputation, domain authority, and more conversions.

Craft evergreen content and research on keywords that can help you rank. Explore channels and check which one you’re performing the best. See what your competitors are posting, what type of content they share gets the most engagement.

9. Nurture Relationships with Social Media Influencers

Before, we don’t often use social media influencers when promoting a brand. But now, things have changed – and for the better. Since influencers in social media have a reputation and an army of followers, we use this to our advantage and target our audiences with ease. However, teaming up with Social Media influencers is the best way to produce organic endorsements and achieve a targeted flow of web visitors. 

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10. Encourage Customers To Leave Online Reviews

The most effective way to market your brand is by Word of Mouth. By encouraging clients to leave comments and feedback, this helps you learn which areas you need to work on while gaining good reviews in the pros. Post these reviews to your website and encourage clients to post on Facebook as many users are mostly on social media sites. By having a good number of reviews, this can definitely help consumers decide on whether or not to do business with you.

This list may be a short one, but these are the vital steps to take and try to optimize your digital marketing efforts. Your strategy should not be limited to a single tactic. It needs to be a combination of different strategies that are specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound.