/How to Reinstall WordPress?

How to Reinstall WordPress?


How to reinstall WordPress? If you are a Blogger or a WordPress developer, chances are good you have faced a lot of situations to reinstall WordPress sites. 

Reinstalling WordPress can solve a lot of issues when all other troubleshooting tips fail. Recently one of our readers asked us how he can uninstall and reinstall his website. In this article, we will show you how to safely reinstall a WordPress site. 

When Do You Need to Reinstall WordPress?

You should understand that reinstalling WordPress shouldn’t be the first option. You should try your best to solve your issues before trying a reinstall. These are the common reasons you may force a WordPress reinstall. 

You are running a WordPress personal website and you are planning to change it to a personal one and you don’t need any of the existing contents on the site now.

  • You are testing new themes and plugins on your website and you want to reinstall WordPress regularly.
  • You are unable to login to your WordPress site and you decided to reinstall your site through the hosting.

How to Reinstall WordPress site?

The most common method reinstalling a WordPress site is through the dashboard. If you want to reinstall the WordPress core files, you can actually do it right from your WordPress dashboard. If you can’t access your WordPress dashboard, you should do this via FTP or directly through web hosting.

If you are reinstalling through the dashboard, FTP or through hosting it takes a lot of time. Would you like to try the easiest way to reinstall a WordPress site? Try WP Reset.

WP Reset Plugin

WP Reset Plugin is one of the best free plugins that help users to reset any WordPress sites easily. It comes with awesome features such as one-click reset, post-reset setup, selective reset tools, etc. 

One of the best features we love on WP Reset is it one-click reset. Whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation just click reset and wait a few seconds to get a completely new site. 

You should know that WP Reset plugin will not take any backup so you should take a complete backup before starting the process.