/The Most Amazing Destinations To Travel In 2020
Most Amazing Destinations

The Most Amazing Destinations To Travel In 2020

Year after year the tastes of traveler’s change. Increasingly, people want to live new experiences and explore the most amazing destinations different from the traditional ones. Factors that are becoming important when choosing a destination are a tight budget, the desire to try new places or make responsible trips.

Travel Trends For 2020

The following trends are the ones that will dominate in 2020. Get ready! The tastes of travelers are changing.

  • Promotion of responsible tourism. Most travelers expect their travel company to act responsibly. The preservation of the natural environment is important and travel agencies and tour operators are contributing to the awareness of the human impact on the environment.
  • Alternative Destinations The massification of some tourist destinations has put the alert point. For this reason, travelers seek new and unusual experiences.
  • Variety in tour packages that give security to the customer. The tour packages are the most popular choice because they offer a better relationship price/quality.

The Best Destination To Travel In 2020

Arizona, United States

It is in the southwest of the United States and is the sixth-largest state. It is characterized by its desert climate, very hot summers and mild winters. The northern part of the state is full of pine and fir forests, mountain ranges and canyons. The southern part is more desert with warmer temperatures. With this variety of landscapes and climates, Arizona is perfect for your vacation and a stay in Loews Ventana Canyon Resort is advised for maximum enjoyment

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is full of wonders, from the tropical forest to the mountain tops, passing through large cosmopolitan cities. It is the dream destination of nature and beauty lovers. The interior lands are perfect for walks through its humid forests. But, also, it has 3,440 km of coastline where you will find estuaries, ports, capes, coves, and islands.


In Malta, located in the Mediterranean, it is summer 12 months of the year. You can relax, dive, party and surf. A European paradise that you cannot miss. It is a very balanced destination, as it has monuments and many activities to enjoy alone, with family or friends.

New Zealand

If you like distant places, incredible natural landscapes or the endless green of its meadows, this is your place. This country is a wonder for all the senses. Impressive natural biodiversity and some of the most unique places in the world are waiting for you.


One of Rwanda’s biggest attractions is Lake Kivu. It appears out of nowhere almost like an inland sea, forming a multitude of small islets, peninsulas, and fjords. Rwanda is famous for the gorillas that it protects, as well as showing the visitor spectacular biodiversity: ancient trees, flowers such as the giant lobelia or the multicolored orchids and countless primates in its forests.

St. Lucia

Santa Lucia is an island and a country that always attracts visitors. It is a volcanic island, in the middle of the Caribbean, with a lot of charm. One of the main tourist interests is in the sulfurous emanations, the Sulfur Springs, of the Qualibou volcano. Also, the island is composed of spectacular mountain ranges such as Pitons, Gros and Petit.