/Conversation Marketing With Chatbots for E-Commerce Businesses

Conversation Marketing With Chatbots for E-Commerce Businesses

It is essential to understand that the latest trend in the world of customer service and marketing includes chatbots. Therefore, each time you decide to visit some big company’s website, and if you wish to ask them something, in 90% cases, you will talk with chatbots instead of a human.

Since they are everywhere, you should start thinking of implementing them for your particular needs and requirements. If you own a business that depends on quality customer service, we recommend you to improve it by implementing a chatbot.

Apart from customer service, you will be able to use it for marketing purposes, team communication, and other things that will provide you peace of mind.

According to experts, the potential of chatbots is increasing. It is just a matter of time when every single business will have live chat features by using bot instead of a human. Let us start from the beginning.

What Is a Chatbot?


Chatbots are computer programs that can easily simulate human interaction and conversation, which is vital for talking with people that have questions about your services. On the other hand, chatbot marketing is a strategy that became prominent in the last few years.

However, the concept dates back in the middle of the 20th century when Alan Turing published a paper on artificial intelligence. His idea created ELIZA, which is a simple program that appeared in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum. Click here to learn more about ELIZA.

On the other hand, chatbot scripts are pre-planned messages that you can add to bot’s answers so that it can respond based on the user’s query. Everything depends on the intention and choice of the user, but the bot will follow a specific flow you combine by using a script.

Keep in mind that script is crucial for a proper conversation, and you can add many answers based on your business goals and the industry you are working on. We recommend you to follow these rules while creating chatbot scrip:

  • Be natural and avoid robotic answers
  • Be clear and transparent
  • Keep everything short and straightforward
  • Focus on your goals

Remember that responses and script depend on the type of chatbot that you wish to implement, which means that you need to differentiate all possibilities before making up your mind.

You should know that you could choose advanced and basic ones based on your preferences and capabilities. Let us see the different types of bots that are available for business purposes:

1.     Menu/Button-Based Chatbots

Similarly, as the name suggests, this particular type of chatbots will provide you information about multiple buttons or menus that you can choose. Everything depends on the button you decide to choose because the bot will list the next set of options as soon as you want.

Therefore, it is a form of hierarchical structure that it can recognize based on your decision. Remember that this is one of the most popular types of bots because of their pure nature.

They are perfect for answering different queries based on FAQs, and they can navigate users through your online store without any additional problem.

2.     Keyword-Based Conversation Bots

On the other hand, this particular type of bots uses AI or artificial intelligence to capture and pick all the keywords that you use in your query. By processing these keywords, the bot can quickly answer based on already established answer database.

It works as a form of search engine that uses keywords you use in questions for searching, and it answers based on the results. The main benefit of owning this particular type of conversation bot is due to the ability to pre-load it with answers beforehand.

Even though some people consider this as its downside and limitation, they will not be able to catch misspellings, which means that their functions are contextual.

3.     NLP (Natural Language Processing) Chatbots

The most superior choice that you can make combines artificial intelligence with machine learning to provide you with the best answers possible based on the query. Remember that its architecture is complicated when compared with other ones we have mentioned above.

Of course, it is still in its basic moments, but you should know that these bots could memorize user preferences as well as specific conversations and use improvisation during the chat, which is a revolution when it comes to user engagement. Check out this site: https://smartbotmarketers.com/ to learn everything about smartbots in general.

NLP chatbots are contextual, but they also feature a data-centric approach during the interaction. Therefore, they can easily understand misspelled user queries and provide you with perfect experience when it comes to waiting for answers.

The Future of Chatbots in E-Commerce


It is not challenging to understand the future of chatbots and their importance for e-Commerce platforms. You can easily integrate them with a wide array of applications, which means that they are perfect for various industries especially online retail.

If you are an online store owner, you should implement this particular approach to help your visitors and potential customers throughout the buying process.

We will present you benefits of implementing chatbots for E-Commerce website:

Perfect User Experience

One of the most significant advantages of using chatbots for your E-Commerce platform is because of their ability to simplify the user experience and provide various skills that will help those converts.

For instance, one of the biggest beauty product brands released personal assistant chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger with the idea to allow users to try new products and looks from the brand.

By engaging with it, you will get an idea of how new lipstick will help you improve your facial appearance as well as overall look. You have to upload images and the bot will handle everything else.

This will reduce the need to go to physical stores and trying a product. Of course, simulation cannot replace the natural perspective; it will still bring user experience to an entirely new level.

By improving user experience, you will retain the past customers and convert new ones much faster than before.