/When Is The Right Time To Try Enterprise Software For Your Business

When Is The Right Time To Try Enterprise Software For Your Business

The reckless over-supply of goods and services, as well as the decline in communications, made the buyer behave like a true dictator. When a customer says, “Jump!”, The manufacturer must ask “How high?” It turns out that technological developments have made the distribution of commercial information worldwide extremely easy and profitable. The same goes for finding data of interest to the consumer – he has the ability to search in the abundance that floods him to satisfy his shopping disposition. The enterprise cloud solution for Oracle E-business Suite is the right solution for you.

However, abundance is bad news for both consumers and manufacturers. On the one hand, consumers are overwhelmed by the freedom to choose and adapt to changes in the market. On the other hand, the global surplus of goods of the same type and of almost the same quality should make manufacturers begin to say their longest prayer.

  • There Are Actually Two Basic Things Going On

The first is that people have started using the Web as a means of connecting with other human beings, sharing their interests and desires. They are currently joining forces and creating new informal consumer organizations to help them make a purchase. In this process, technologies are more a means, and the framework of consumer desires is shaped by their values. The second thing is that in the age of abundance, companies must make an effort to be noticed. Usually, they compete in just a few seconds of attention in the wave of information that erupts and spreads everywhere.

To summarize all this, we can say the following: In the face of oversupply, customer attention is a scarce commodity, and companies need to treat it with respect to stay in the game. And attention is essentially determined by the different interests of people. It is therefore not surprising that the term social relationship CRM (Customer relationship management) began to be referred to as social.

In a certain aspect, it means the attitude, orientation or behavior of people who determine their interests and intentions or play some role in the formation of principles or ideas. Practicing social CRM (also known as CRM 2.0) is actually another way to get the customer’s attention in his new world of social expression – the Internet, email, mobile communications and social networks.


  • Social – An Evolution That Crm Has Always Been Capable Of

In order to make a clear difference to social CRM, we need to say a few words about traditional CRM. Here’s a good point to make: Social CRM is not really something new. Social CRM is just an evolution that CRM has always been capable of.

Generally, traditional CRM consists of sales, marketing and customer service. These are all features that aim to get the client into a, roughly speaking, dispassionate analytics scheme. Behind it all lies a certain technology that organizes, automates and synchronizes business processes related to sales, marketing, service and technical support. The idea is to win new customers, retain old ones, and make them buy more and more.

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