/Programs for CNC Routers for Wood Processing

Programs for CNC Routers for Wood Processing

The software for the CNC routers is a software package for managing all equipment work processes: from creating a product model to its milling.

The main advantage of software-controlled CNC routers is the creation of high-quality products and blanks in automatic mode, with minimal human participation. Such “independent” operation of the equipment became possible due to the use of software, which includes computer simulation programs and control software.

Programs for modeling and creating UP are selected depending on the complexity and volume of the future workpiece. To prepare sketches for flat cutting, graphic editors are used, among which the most famous are:

• AutoCAD is a program that includes a large number of tools for designing and analyzing objects of any complexity in two- and three-dimensional space. A convenient user interface, the function of generating technical documentation, the ability to develop your own applications and much more allow this software to maintain a leading position in the software market for more than 20 years.

• ArtCAM is a software package for 2D and 3D modeling. It works with vector and raster graphics, is widely used to create three-dimensional embossed surfaces, allows you to build a cutter path, converts flat sketches into three-dimensional objects. You can download many 3D models STL for CNC routers on web-site 3dmodelmania.com.

• Type 3 – a program with a built-in library of tools and an application for sculptural modeling Type Art. Suitable for working with simple 2D sketches, as well as with complex five-dimensional models. Has direct access to machine control functions.

What materials can I work with?

Numerically controlled CNC routers can work with wood, plywood, acrylic, MDF, gypsum, polyamide and artificial stone. If your company involves the processing of marble, stones or steel, then it is worth purchasing special equipment – a conventional machine tool cannot cope with such hard materials.
If you plan to specialize your organization for wood processing (carving, engraving, manufacturing of various interior items), then it is better to pay attention to hard wood. Among them can be noted beech, oak and ash – products from them are highly durable and beautiful.

What industries use CNC routers?

The scope of use of numerically controlled CNC routers is quite wide. Without them, it is difficult to imagine the work of modern enterprises. They are necessary for:

• Creating high-quality outdoor advertising.

• Designing wooden furniture.

• Performing design work and for interior decoration.

• Cutting and cutting of sheet materials.

• Production of souvenirs and engraving.

• In the field of funeral services – for inscriptions on gravestones and etc.