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Managed Service Provider

Busting Common Misconceptions About Managed Service Provider

Are you skeptical about hiring a managed service provider for your business?

Well, then you are among many others who have been swayed by the rumors floating in the market.

The increasing reliance on technology for day-to-day operations has made it imperative for companies to manage their IT functions efficiently. While many have chosen to build and maintain an in-house team of IT experts, others have chosen entirely outsource their IT function to a trusted third party a.k.a. MSP.

The first option is usually chosen by the ones working with a high budget and have resources to manage the in-house team. However, the ones who have outsourced their IT function to a managed service provider have reaped benefits of the same.

However, several misconceptions surrounding MSPs have prevented many business houses from utilizing their services, and hence we must address them today.

1.  Unavailable for Resolving IT Issues

As managed IT service providers are not situated in-house, business owners suspect that IT issues will not be resolved on time. On the contrary, while your in-house staff will only be available during the office hours, executives in MSPs are available for assistance 24/7. They will help you in cutting off the time that your team members will spend on petty problems that occur regularly and will resolve your IT issues in real-time.

2.  Loss of Control

Some business owners believe that they will have to sacrifice control of IT systems. Well, this isn’t true. You must understand that managed service providers do not replace your existing staff. Instead, they supplement your team members. While they will store your data and troubleshoot your technical problems, all your IT networks will always remain your property. Hiring MSPs does not mean that you have to relinquish your control, but rather you optimize your IT operations with their assistance.

3.  Managing IT Internally Costs Less

The most absurd misconception is that outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider will cost you a significant portion of your bank balance. Many say that it’s economical and much more comfortable to manage an in-house IT function.

The truth is actually quite the opposite.

MSPs are adept at running the IT systems quite effectively, and you will be rewarded with tremendous cost savings. The help desk feature helps you further, as your IT problems are taken care of remotely without you having to spend on a full-time troubleshooter.

4.  You’ll Have to Compromise on Cybersecurity.

The thought of hiring managed service providers often make business owners nervous about losing control of their confidential data. This has given rise to the misconception that outsourcing IT to a third-party MSPs compromises your cybersecurity.

However, you must know that cloud (particularly private cloud) is much more secure than an in-house computing environment. The technology is backed by reputable cloud providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, who have the latest and the most secure cybersecurity technology. This makes the chances of a security breach minimal.

5.  Degrades Performance

It is an age-old misconception that the performance degrades when you migrate from in-house to off-site computing. Though this could have been said in times when the internet connections were significantly slower, the technology advancements have eliminated this drawback, and you don’t have to worry about bandwidth and performance.

While some computing workloads can be better managed on-site, most of the everyday routines are better-taken care off at remote data centers when it comes to performance. It is because managed service providers have access to the latest technology that is beyond the budgetary reach of small businesses.

6.  Outsourced IT Is Only for Large Businesses

Outsourcing IT to managed service providers is not just for the big corporations but it is well-suited to small and medium businesses too. It is actually even more useful for small and medium businesses as an entire business function can be outsourced to a third party. This not just leads to significant cost-savings but also leaves business owners with the spare time that they can utilize to better their core business operations.

We hope this blog helps you clear your doubts concerning managed service providers!