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5 Tips for Fixing your Attorney SEO and Get Better SERP Position

You created your law firm and made an amazing web site. However, no one seems to be looking at it. You have only those clients that came to you at the beginning and there are no new ones.

To make the best of your website and be sure that people see it, you need to improve your SEO. See more on if you want to know more about how this is done.

SEO, for those that are not aware, stands for search engine optimization. It is a way for every web site to be more relevant for the search engine crawlers who make the list about which one goes higher and which one stays down in the SERP positions.

Being up, preferable as higher as possible on the first page is a must. If you’re not located on Page 1, then be sure that almost no one will see your website when they are looking for a lawyer.

In this article, we’re sharing 5 tips to get a better SERP position by implementing some of the crucial SEO tips. Every lawyer who wants to have their page ranking better must do this. Follow these tips if you want to become successful.

1. Pay attention to local searches

Did you know that there are 1.3 million attorneys in the US? All of them have their personal websites. Luckily, not all of them are located in one city, not have the jurisdiction to work in all states. Still, knowing that there are so many of them, makes you wonder how is it possible to stand out from the crowd.

One of the most common searches from potential customers is “lawyers near me”. Luckily for you, the search engines’ algorithms highlight the results that are relevant for the person searching.

If you’re working in Miami, and the person is searching from the same city, they’ll get the closest law firms to them in the results first. If you’re also located in Miami, then you manage to jump more than a million pages automatically just because of this detail.

Having this in mind, it’s clear that you need to focus on the local search. Try to research what people looking for attorneys most often search for. When you find out, pay more attention to improving your SEO in this field.

2. Adjust the page for mobile and voice search

Unlike the days when search engines were receiving only one keyword in the search bar, today, things are very different. People are using all kinds of devices to look for the information they are interested in. They use smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and in the future, even more devices will be available for us.

The searches from all these devices are different. Not because it must be done this way, but because people see it easier to search differently from different devices. See more about this on this link here.

For example, smart speakers are driven by an artificially intelligent assistant that manages to search for the user. They are capable of communicating and searching fast and accurately. With this being said, you will need to adjust your keywords for various devices.

Also, the entire website must have different versions for people searching from different devices. If a person is building your website from scratch, don’t forget to ask for a mobile version as this is crucial for the SEO.

3. Create relevant content and get backlinks

One of the pillars of SEO is relevant content. It doesn’t matter that you’re a law firm that isn’t producing content but defending people in the court. If you want to get higher on the list of results, you need to make a blog and write about what’s your expertise.

Implementing the keywords that are crucial for people to find your business is why you need this content. However, if you just place a bunch of “Lorem ipsum” content and use the needed keywords, people will see your page as irrelevant.

Make sure you write relevant content on your blog. Something that other pages will find relevant and will link to you. The more authoritative websites link to your content, the search engines will see you as more important for the readers. Thus, you’ll go up on the list.

4. Speed up your site

There’s something called bounce rate. It is a rate that search engines see as important. The bounce rate must be as low as possible for your site to be listed as excellent.

If your website is slow, people will lose their patience and go to another place. There are tons of other attorneys as we mentioned. When a person spends little time on your site, your bounce rate goes up, and your reputation goes down.

Make sure your site is free of large videos and heavy images that will make it load forever. The average loading time is around 10 seconds, but everything more than 5 seconds is considered super slow.

5. Use proper metadata for every single page

Metadata is what search engine crawlers see as information for your page. Every single page on your site needs to be perfectly tailored metadata for these crawlers to pick up.

That means to get to perfection your meta-tags, title, link, and everything that metadata means. These things are what crawlers see only. For them, every page is relevant as the meta is. If you can’t provide them with perfect results, they’ll put you lower on their list.


These five points are crucial for building a great SEO case. If you’re a lawyer and you need more clients, then you must get up there in the search engine results. Without it, you’ll stay where you are and after some time, you’ll become jobless.

The future is on the internet and everyone who understands this will have great success in their work. Those who refuse to do some SEO, or hire an SEO expert will continue struggling.