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Lenovo vs. Dell: The Ultimate Laptop Showdown

Did you know that at least 77% of American households have a desktop or laptop?

There are many laptop brands out there for everyone looking forward to buying a new laptop. But, two leading brands outshine the rest: Lenovo and Dell.

These two brands make high-quality devices with both functional and aesthetic features. They also boast of a broad market share, thanks to their outstanding laptops.

If you only need one laptop, you must know Lenovo vs Dell laptops’ basics to select the best for your needs. This guide will compare Lenovo laptops vs. Dell to help you make an informed decision.

The General Overview of Lenovo and Dell

Before going more in-depth on the comparisons, here is a glimpse of the two brands. The following paragraphs will also explain their role in the tech world.

Who Is Dell?

Dell is an American tech firm for repairing, designing, and manufacturing computers. It was founded 36 years ago, just like Lenovo. Its main products include computers, servers, and smartphones.

Michael Dell started the company when he was in college. Today, the firm ranks 81st in the top 500 companies’ global list.

Its assets surpass $118 billion, with more than 160,000 employees. The best Dell laptops include Dell XPS 15 (2020), Dell G5 15 Se (2020), and Dell Latitude 7490.

Who Is Lenovo?

Lenovo group limited, commonly abbreviated as Lenovo, is a Chinese tech firm with headquarters in Beijing. The firm designs, develops, and distributes laptops, desktops, smartphones, servers, and other electronic devices.

It was founded 36 years ago and was named the best-selling laptop producer in October 2020. Though the firm is based in China, it has headquarters in North Carolina and all parts of the world.

The best Lenovo laptops include Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (8th gen), Lenovo Yoga c940, and Lenovo Chrome Book Duet.

Both brands have a wide array of laptops, gaming laptops, business laptops, learning computers, etc. It’s upon you to choose the ideal brand based on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

Lenovo Vs Dell Laptops Market Share

Lenovo has a more significant market share compared to Dell. It claims 25.7% of the laptops’ market, meaning that one in every four computers sold is from Lenovo.

On the other hand, Dell claims 15.2% of the total market share. It is currently the third-largest laptop vendor in the world, as Lenovo takes the first position.

Things to Look for When Deciding Between Lenovo and Dell Laptops

Here are the main aspects to consider before choosing a Lenovo or Dell laptop. Read them to make your laptop shopping process more straightforward.

The Price

Both Dell and Lenovo brands offer many affordable laptops. However, Dell laptops tend to be a little bit pricier when compared to the Lenovo brand.

For example, Dell’s cheapest laptop goes for $312, while Lenovo’s most affordable laptop goes for $215. The most powerful Dell laptops can also sell for as high as $2,000, while the best Lenovo laptops do not surpass $1,200.

In general, most Dell laptops are costlier than Lenovo laptops. The Lenovo brands will, therefore, be the best option if the price is your key consideration.

The Product Range

Currently, Lenovo boasts of four main product lines. These products include Alienware, XPS, Inspiron, and G-Series. G series and Alienware are gaming laptops, while the others are the traditional multipurpose laptops.

Dell has six leading product lines. They include Yoga, Think Book, Think Pad, Legion, and Idea Pad. Both brands have extensive products that provide a wide array of options for buyers. So, both brands tie in terms of their product range.

The Customer Service and Reliability

Dell takes the lead when it comes to customer service. It ensures that the callers talk to the customer care attendants immediately. The incredible customer service makes the Dell laptop owners feel more appreciated.

Lenovo customer service deals are relatively slow. This does not mean that they never reply to customer concerns, but you may have to wait for at least 30 minutes before they attend to your concern.

Nevertheless, they ensure that they get back to all the callers and follow up on the issues.

If you choose Lenovo, make sure that you have all the firm’s contacts, including emails, phone numbers, and social media. You will be reaching out to them easier when one method becomes unreliable.

Both brands come with a year warranty for their laptops, and they cater to the shipment fee where applicable. However, you should understand how the warranty works well to avoid inconveniences.

Ease of Getting Spare Parts

Like the other tech devices, a laptop may require spare parts anytime. You should always know where to get the spare parts just in case you need them. And in that case, Dell wins.

Dell has a wide array of spare parts. Many dealers sell the components too. Lenovo has spare parts also, but the searching process may be a little bit longer. Maybe, it’s because Lenovo is quite strict on the type of dealers who handle their products.


No one would like a laptop that crashes while still new. The ideal laptop should be durable, made of sturdy materials.

Both Dell and Lenovo laptops are quite sturdy and can serve you for an extended period if you take great care of them. You only need to make sure that you buy the best quality laptop from a reputable seller.

The Designs

Both Dell and Lenovo manufacturers make incredible efforts in making sure that laptops have a unique appearance.

However, the Lenovo designs are better compared to Dell. Not that the Dell laptops are not well-designed. But the company focuses more on the functionality rather than the looks.

While Dell laptops come in many colors, Dell adds more artwork to internal and external appearance. You can therefore go for Lenovo laptops if you need a well-designed laptop at the most affordable price.

The Innovation

Lenovo takes the lead in the innovation segment, considering that it introduced the 360-degree yoga laptops. It also came up with the idea of a track point, a small point in the keyboard that acts as the mouse to help users navigate the screen well.

Of late, Dell has become innovative as it’s now providing incredible lightweight and well-designed laptops. It also came up with ‘WRITE it,’ a feature that turns the handwritten notes into text on your screen. But still, Lenovo makes the most innovative devices.

The Specifications

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a laptop. Here is a direct comparison of the Dell vs. Lenovo business laptops.

The Screen

Both brands have sturdy screens. The screens do not crack easily unless when hit by a sharp object. Since there’s not much difference between them, both brands win.

The Battery Life

Battery life is quite essential if you like traveling with your laptop. By comparing the two laptops, the Dell laptop wins.

Lenovo laptops come with a six-cell battery, which lasts for 6 to 10 hours, depending on your usage patterns. Dell batteries can last for 7 to 11 hours. The only timing difference between their battery life is one hour. Since the difference is not huge, you can choose any brand.

The Processor

Lenovo model laptops come with an Intel processor. The high-end Lenovo laptops are well fitted with the 8th gen i7 processor, allowing you to carry many activities smoothly. The middle-priced laptops use the i5 and i3 processors, while the cheapest use the AMD processors.

Dell laptops support Intel and processors too. Its Alienware models are well equipped with the i7 processors to facilitate speed. Their middle-priced laptops are fitted with i5 and i3 processors, just like in the Lenovo brand.

Laptops with the best processor are those with the highest price tag in both brands. If the processing speed is essential to you, be ready to pay the most, but for a fast machine that suits your needs.

When to Choose Lenovo

Lenovo is the ideal option if you need a strong and durable laptop with a reasonable price tag. The brand offers a broader array of well-designed laptops that fit everyone’s budgets and efficiently perform different activities.

It’s also the best for those who like the most popular brands because it has the largest market share in the tech world.

When to Choose Dell

Dell is your choice if you need a great performing laptop with the best value for your money. Most Dell laptops perform well, and the components are sturdy; plus, the speed is excellent. However, you should be ready to pay a higher cost for the same.

Make Careful Comparisons

By now, you probably have made your decision on the best brand that you will consider. Make sure you do your homework to make careful comparisons on Lenovo vs Dell laptops. Create a reasonable budget, too, and check the reviews.

The more you gather relevant information, the more you will make a great decision on the best laptop to buy.

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