/Starting a New Business Website? Opt for Managed Cloud Hosting
Starting a New Business Website? Opt for Managed Cloud Hosting

Starting a New Business Website? Opt for Managed Cloud Hosting

If you are planning to start a new business website and have begun researching things that you need to do, then we are sure you must be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Starting and running a new website is a tedious process. From getting the design and UI/UX right to ensuring quality content and optimum performance of the site, it seems like a huge task. While a web designer can take care of the design requirements, and a content specialist can manage the site content, web hosting is a task that you need to have a complete grip over.

There are various options available in the domain and hosting services like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, etc. Most of these hosting services are available across Linux and Windows platforms and managed and unmanaged variants.

Today, we are going to talk about Managed Cloud Web Hosting services and look at the reasons why they are ideal for new business websites.

Managed Cloud Hosting

When you buy a Cloud Hosting plan, your site data resides on multiple servers. At the time of purchase, you choose between multiple factors like the Operating System (Windows or Linux) or the level of control (Managed or Unmanaged). The choice between Managed and Unmanaged services is based on your unique requirements.

In fully Managed Cloud Hosting services, the technical aspects of the server, including the routine management, upgrades, upkeep and maintenance is taken care of by the hosting provider. In short, the provider will ‘manage’ your hosting server. Managed Cloud Hosting is great for site owners who lack the technical knowledge or the time to manage the server at their end. Naturally, due to added services provided, Managed Cloud Hosting plans are costlier than Unmanaged Cloud Hosting services. So, why should you opt for Managed Cloud Hosting? Let’s find out!

Reasons why new business websites should opt for Managed Cloud Hosting:

1. Cost-Efficiency

If you run a quick Google search, you will find that there are different types of hosting plans available at different prices. While unmanaged services are cheaper, they require you to take care of many technical tasks like managing the operating system, upgrading the hardware, installing security updates, and managing port access, etc. If you are not technically adept or don’t have the time to manage these tasks, then you might have to hire professionals for the same leading to an increase in costs. Managed services, on the other hand, help you manage these tasks in a cost-efficient manner. Also, Cloud Hosting services offer instant resource scalability making Managed Cloud Hosting one of the most cost-efficient hosting services for new businesses.

2. Top-notch Security

Site security is one of the biggest concerns of a new business site. Keeping the site secure requires a lot of time and awareness of the latest security tools available. While Cloud Hosting, by virtue of its infrastructure, offers a secure hosting environment, managing security-related tasks can be time-consuming for a new business owner. This is where Managed Cloud Hosting services come to the rescue as an expert technical team ensures that your site is protected at all times.

3. 24×7 Technical Support

In today’s times, users expect websites to be available round the clock. Since running a website is a technical process, your site can face a glitch at any time of the day. During such times, having a technical support team available 24×7 can help you ensure uninterrupted services. With managed services, you can be sure of tackling any technical problem with ease.

4. Backups

Backups are really important to ensure continuity of website services. They can help you offer maximum availability of your site despite any security issues. When you opt for a Managed Cloud Hosting plan, the host actively ensures that your site is backed up every day – a service that might not be available with unmanaged services.

Summing Up

As Cloud Hosting services gained popularity as being better than most traditional hosting types, hosting companies realized that most site owners didn’t have the time or technical skills to manage a website hosted on the Cloud. They launched Managed Cloud Hosting services to help site owners reap the benefits of the Cloud without having to worry about site management. This came as a boon to new business website owners who could ensure that their websites perform as good as sites belonging to large corporations. So, if you are planning on launching a site for your new business, you might want to consider Managed Cloud Hosting as an option.