/Accelerate the Cloud and Get Most Out of it

Accelerate the Cloud and Get Most Out of it

Virtual private cloud based service is the latest buzz in the IT industry. Undoubtedly cloud based services are making it easier and quicker for the users to store mass data and have an access to it anytime anywhere they want to. There is no slightest doubt that cloud-based services by Serverspace provide you with the platform from where you can connect to the users all around the world but a performance has some certain limitations leaving a lot to be desired. An internet is very difficult to rely upon as to shuttle data back and forth leaving higher security risks. The internet uses public addresses as well to make it more exposed to risk. However, if you opt for a cloud accelerator you can create an access to a dedicated private core network and still use the cloud.

Private Versus Public Networks:

The larger the distance an information packet travels to reach the concerned user, the more risk of potential data loss or security holes arises. When you send an information across the distance with the help of internet, the medium is unpredictable as well as the result is unforeseeable. With a help of cloud accelerator, a dedicated private core network can be used that connects as close as possible to where services are being offered. A transaction which is cloud based can be made more safe, secured and predictable if a cloud accelerator is used because it uses distributed POPs closer to business users sitting in different geographical areas. The performance and security of a business transaction is enhanced and optimized too far than the private networks. The cloud accelerator with this model can facilitate you with the bigger and efficient network. It is serving people all around the world with the fewer complains along the way.

What You Can Expect from a Cloud Accelerator:

The benefits of a cloud accelerator are far more on a private network. Most businesses have in mind the specifications of a cloud-based service which will help them to choose an appropriate cloud accelerator. They can be helpful for users to increase their cloud efficiency in the following ways:

High Performance Connections –    it would be great if you don’t have to rely on the efficiency of a poor network connection to make sure that the customer has experienced the best time with your services. Some things are hard to handle because they are not in the capacity of business. However, using a cloud accelerator will make sure that the cloud-based Amazon services are optimized. Private distributed networks can be used at certain core areas of business to speed up the performance that is seamless to a connecting customer.

High Performance Connections to SaaS applications – The use of cloud accelerator is not limited to the customers yet it is very advantageous to the businesses especially for larger organizations. SaaS cloud applications being used by business needs an accelerator for the purpose of optimizing the performance specifically when connection to SaaS applications worldwide. With security features the applications can be used by the business with a peace of mind.