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ExpoMarketing – A Proven Industry Leader

If you are new to exhibiting, it can be difficult to tackle the whole trade by yourself. But if you are a professional exhibitor, adding a like-minded partner such as Expomarketing, is a step in the right direction. It is an award-winning exhibiting and fabrication company that will give an outstanding brand experience and links at the trade show display forum to your business. With a dedicated team of experts, you will enjoy the high-quality trade show services to help you achieve your goal.

The services:

  • Onsite supervision and project management
  • Custom large rental inventories
  • Audio and video trade show booths
  • Booth staging

Why choose Expomarketing?

Outstanding customer care services

At ExpoMarketing, you will meet a team of knowledgeable individuals from the customer care department to respond to any queries or requests you may be having. They will inform you on the best design and form to complement your business. It has been their priority to ensure clients’ needs are addressed at the slightest chance. They go beyond assisting clients to achieve their goals.

Professional in designing and building custom exhibits

ExpoMarketing is fully aware of your special needs as a customer. They design and customize exhibits for purchase and offer a wide range of portable exhibit appliances. The dedicated team of in-house experts is responsible for designing as well as format graphics. The trade show team, on the other hand, handle all the transportation and venue until everything falls into place.

Largest rental furniture and other appliances

The sky’s the limit for Expomarketing when it comes to inventories. Unlike other companies, it has the most extensive inventory and tailors its services according to your budget. The firm works with all types of companies, including multinationals and small-medium sized businesses. It is no wonder; it has stood the test of time since its formation in 1991.

Unrivaled design ability

The exhibiting company realizes the value of creativity and innovation to stay relevant in the competitive corporate world. It has incorporated different ideas together to build lasting relationships. In the eyes of Expomarketing, customers are equal partners that need to understand every stage of the design and fabrication process. Before the material day, the trade show team will stage all the booths through a live video or in person to give an idea of how the day will be.

Personalized and detailed approach

Since its formation, the firm has received clients from diverse backgrounds, which has given them an opportunity to tackle emerging challenges. It values its customers, which is why it will ensure your brand stands out on the trade fair floor thanks to its customized solutions using visually-appealing graphic designs and premium infill materials. Any customer that has dealt with Expomarketing is likely to come back. This inspires them to do the best it can to provide a wide range of services and create a better experience.

Whether you specialize in web design, social media marketing, or large formats, you should reach out to ExpoMarketing to get a unique exhibit experience. Once you invite their team, they will showcase their innovative workflow to boost your morale. The company wants you to feel confident that your booth will appear the way you imagined on the show floor. If you need any of their services, you can contact them directly.