/What Are The Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Hosting?
What Are The Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Hosting?

What Are The Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Hosting?

When you decide to move to a Dedicated Server Hosting service, it is important to ensure that you choose the right OS (Windows or Linux) and determine if you need managed or unmanaged services. Using a Dedicated Server requires you to manage reliability, security, scalability, and various server maintenance tasks. While site owners who have the technical expertise or a team of experts can manage these tasks on their own, others can find the entire process intimidating. Hence, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is their best option. Today, we will share some essential benefits of managed services in Dedicated Hosting plans.

1. Security

In managed services, the website hosting provider conducts regular security scans to identify viruses and malware to keep online threats away. With the latest security tools and anti-spam measures, web hosts that offer Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans ensure that your website receives top-notch security.

2. Technical Support

Most providers offering Managed Dedicated Hosting have a team of technical experts that provides 24X7 assistance with hardware-related issues, database management, email management and framework management.

3. Maintenance services

Managed services include updates for apps and software, server boot issues, software repairs, optimising MySQL and setup of reverse DNS.

4. Reliability

To provide efficient Dedicated Hosting services, the web host needs to have state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure. Further, with managed services, the team of experts ensures that the Dedicated Server offers maximum uptime.

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5. Scalability

It is the biggest and the most critical aspect of web hosting. In today’s times, when search engines and social media platforms are the primary contributors to site traffic, any website can experience traffic spikes at any time. Imagine a post going viral on a social media platform generating overnight interest in your brand. The traffic on your site multiplies putting pressure on the available resources. If you cannot manage this increased load, then your brand will lose reputation at a time when you can build on it. Most Managed Dedicated Hosting providers have additional resources available to manage the scaling needs and offer instant server provisioning.

6. Customizability

Customizability is the most sought after feature of a Dedicated Server. With managed services, the web host helps you ensure that you make the most out of the root access with your Dedicated Server. When you use the services of a managed hosting provider, you can be assured of getting specialised support to customise the hosting environment as per your requirements.

7. Cheaper than an in-house Dedicated Server Hosting

Just to put things into perspective, the cost of purchasing all equipment and hiring the right personnel to manage it is equal to the cost incurred by a hosting company in handling several clients on Dedicated Server Hosting plans. When you add managed services to the mix, buying a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plan is cheaper and more cost-efficient than purchasing an in-house Dedicated Server for web hosting.

Summing up

Every website is unique and has specific hosting requirements. Hence, before you buy a Dedicated Server, choose between managed and unmanaged services, ensure that you assess your site’s requirements and finalise carefully. Good Luck!