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Top 5 Seo Trends That Will Rule 2021

Google never rests. It keeps on adding and updating search algorithms and features. So, you have to keep yourself abreast with the latest updates from Google. In fact, you have to stay one step ahead of the others and judge what SEO trends will rule in the months to come. There are still enough days left before 2021 arrives. But according to a SEO company in Melbourne you have to plan your action beforehand by gauging what SEO trends will rule in 2021.

SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Have you noticed that people do not focus on keywords so strongly anymore? They now focus on backlinks. That’s because Google never keeps its search algorithms stagnant. Earlier, any website could rank using keywords. But now is the age of Domain Authority.

In 2021, too, Google will come up with new standards based on which your webpages will be given a rank on the search results. Here are the top SEO business startup trends that you can expect in 2021:

Focus on Rich Results

Rich Results has been there for many years now. In 2021, there will be more focus on Rich Results. Why? People’s focus is decreasing day by day. They don’t even want to click on the websites. They want the results on the Google search page itself. Google is trying to entertain this tendency by introducing more and more Rich Results.

So what are Rich Results? Rich Results are those search results that do not appear as those boring blue links. For example, if you search on Google – ‘How To Make PanCakes’ – you will be greeted with a gallery first instead of the usual blue links. That gallery is titled – Recipe. And no Google does not make this gallery. Google just lists the websites that have the most useful pancake recipe.

In order for your website to appear on the Rich Results, you have to tinker with the structured data. It is a bit technical as you have to know how to use JSON. But it can be learnt.

Optimization of Site Keeping Mobile-First Indexing in Mind

From March 2021 onwards Google indexing will shift entirely to the mobile-first approach. This means that the Google bot will primarily crawl the mobile version of your webpage. So you have to design and optimize your site keeping this in mind. Very often, we hide many elements from the mobile version of our websites to make the websites look good on Google. Keep in mind that these hidden elements will find it harder to find a place on Google. Again, do not use low-resolution images for your mobile site. That will impact the ranking of your website negatively. There are many other things that you should keep in mind. Read this Google Webmasters blog to know more.

Designing Content with Questions In Mind

Today people do not have any problem typing on their smartphone keyboards. So they tend to enter their full query. So instead of searching for ‘ best movies of 2021’ they tend to search for ‘ What are the best movies of 2021.’ Google, too, in its search results displays questions and answers.

This tendency is going to keep on growing in 2021. This tendency will be propagated further with the adoption of voice-controlled speakers like Amazon Echo.

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Focus on Video SEO

People, today, have less time and more options. They are not willing to read a long post. They would rather prefer a 10-minute video explaining the major aspects of a topic. And no, these are not personal opinions. Blog posts with videos are 53 times more likely to get a place on the first page of Google.

Focus on the Search Intent

Gone are the days when stuffing keywords was enough to help a web page rank. Today, Google is more interested in the search intent – the purpose of behind a particular search. You have to design your website content with this intent in mind.

So suppose you have a restaurant that specializes in romantic dinners for couples. Now, there can be two reasons why a person can stumble upon your website – searching for a romantic dinner restaurant or searching for how to impress the significant other. If a person has the first intention and searches accordingly – your webpage must show him the services that you offer – he is not interested in long articles on how to impress the loved one. But if a person has the second intention – learning how to please his beloved and he searches accordingly – he will be more interested in your website’s long blog post on this topic.

Google is smart enough to understand the search intent of the users. Your website should have content to cater to different search intents.

Google’s algorithm is like the proverbial rolling stone that gathers no moss. Let’s not keep our SEO knowledge stagnant too. Contact your local SEO agency to stay ahead of the curve.