/[Tutorial] Update The Switch To 8.0.1 / 8.1.0 With SX OS 2.8

[Tutorial] Update The Switch To 8.0.1 / 8.1.0 With SX OS 2.8

While SciresM has unveiled the latest version of Atmosphere, which supports firmware 8.1.0, Team Xecuter also publishes a new version of its SX OS, it is the champion of the novelty since it also brings 8.1.0 firmware support, emuNAND, support for XCI files or support for cheat codes. And it’s just 1 day after the release of Switch v8.1.0, SX OS is updated to support the latest Nintendo Switch 8.1.0 firmware. Now we can boot CFW on consoles again to use homebrews and play free games. So feel free to update yor switch for new games and in this guide, you will learn to undapte the switch to v8.0.1 / 8.1.0, with the help of sxos 2.8.

SX OS 2.8 supports Switch 8.1.0 FW

We are back with another update for SX OS. As you all probably know, one of our main priorities is making sure existing users are able to keep enjoying SX OS.

matte-black-nintendo-switch-skins.jpg (2048×910)

SX OS 2.8 update brings full compatibility for the recent firmware update 8.1.0.

Nothing more, nothing less. We have some very cool features lined up that are not quite ready for primetime yet. And we didn’t want to keep you waiting till next september either.

So what are you waiting for? SX OS 2.8 beta is available for download on our website now! (and through the builtin online updater part of SX OS, of course)

According to the current feedback from netizens, sx os 2.8 runs well on switch 8.1, except for some legacy bugs (for example the issue with SX OS & smash not being able to use the local wireless feature) that have yet to be resolved, so you can upgrade with confidence.

Next, it is the Nintendo Switch upgrade tutorial (offline version) for sx os users.

For non-CFW players, please go directly to the setup options to upgrade.

Update the Switch to 8.0.1 / 8.1.0 with SX OS 2.8

Before doing the manipulations make sure the sx pro dongle is fully charged !!!

A) Latest version SX OS

First of all, get the latest version compatible with 8.0.1 / 8.1, namely the SX OS 2.8:


Replace the boot.dat on your micro SD card (on the root)

Nintendo_Switch_Portable.png (3492×2043)

For those who install for the first time, 

Download the application choidujourNX which is a homebrew to update or downgrade the firmware of your console

The official website: https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/

The latest version of choidujourNX: https://files.sshnuke.net/ChoiDujourNXv102.zip

Copy the ChoidujourNX.nro file like this:

Micro SD card: \ switch \ ChoiNextNX.nro

B) Get the latest firmware version (8.0.1 / 8.1)

The site for all firmware versions:

Download here (for 8.0.1):


Download here (for 8.1):


Create an FW folder on the root your micro sd and extract all the downloaded firmware files in this folder

C) Update

Turn on the console in CFW (with SX OS)

Then go to Homebrew album and start ChoidujourNX

Select the FW folder containing the files of 8.0.1 or 8.1

Then at the bottom right the button choose> then 8.0.1 (exfat) or 8.1 (exfat)

When finished, choose reboot

It’s over your switch is in 8.0.1! or 8.1


Your console may also have trouble turning on; wait a few minutes and reconnect your dongle and jig.

SX OS v2.8: Why we buy sxos license to hack Nintendo Switch v8.1 ?

  • XCI files – can mount and play XCI files direct from USB (no need to copy to SD card) and XCI files do not install tickets so *POTENTIALLY* are not as detectable as NSP files.
  • No need to install each game, just mount and they run – just like inserting a cartridge.
  • USB storage – NSP files can be installed to SD card direct from USB storage, no need for PC. Useful on long journeys.
  • EmuEMMC / emuNAND – makes it potentially possible to dodge a banned console due to no records kept in system NAND (online play under emuNAND not recommended however).
  • The LAN online feature is pretty neat too – lets you play online with a banned switch
  • Different official firmware versions can be installed in system and emuNAND (no fuses are burned)
  • NO delivery- The SX OS is a 12-digit password consisting of numbers and letters that can be sent directly via email.

If you have Nintendo Switch and also updated to v8.1, if you want to install sxos CFW, please note that you need to first determine if your console is compatible with sxos, go directly to this website (ismyswitchpatched.com)to check the switch serial number.
If it is Unpatched, then you can buy sxos license with confidence, and this online seller is recommended https://mod-switch.com/

The advantage is that it can support paypal payments, and sx os code is usually received within half an hour. At the same time the site is also the official distributor of team xecuter in Portugal.