/The Benefits Of Self-Parking Technology

The Benefits Of Self-Parking Technology

Plenty of people consider parking as their worst nightmare, especially the parallel one. They waste precious time in struggling with the steering wheel in order to park the car in the intended spot.

Well, in near future you’ll probably won’t have to do this anymore, thanks to the self-parking technology which is gradually improving and becoming more adopted. This technology is aimed to enable parking of vehicles without the help of a driver, just by using various types of high-tech sensors for inspecting the surrounding.

Nowadays, some models of cars already have it, but although the auto performs the parking by itself, it still needs a person behind the wheel who would just press or release the brake while the car is doing all the maneuvering. An amazing fact is that autos are not the only ones adopting this tech

nology, but also garages who have become fully automated.

There are companies which offer innovative and sophisticated self-parking systems, such as Amano’s self parking automation technology. They function in accordance with vehicles and provide fast and secure parking.

There are number of reasons why these garages are better than the standard ones both for people and the environment. Let’s see some of their benefits.

Storage of more cars

One great benefit of automated parking lots is taking up less space, but accommodating more vehicles. In the standard garages, there is plenty of space used for circulation around the lot in the search for a free spot.

These days would soon be over, as automated garages don’t need this extra space neither for driving around nor between the autos. Self-parking technology enables cars to find their way to the spot easily, by doing calculations so that they fit perfectly.

Since there’ll be no driver, the room between the automobiles can be reduced, as no doors would be opened. It also won’t be needed because drivers required more room to make maneuvers to fit the car, which self-parking doesn’t. Visit this page to see how much space can be saved.

This is great news for companies planning to build a garage, as they’ll need significantly smaller area for doing it. In this way, they can use the extra area left for planning some shops or more flats which would bring them even greater profit.

Lower costs

Self-parking lots reduce costs in every possible way. Firstly, there is no need of a valet or other operators which immediately cuts down couple of salaries. You’ll also not need an HR manager, as there won’t be much hiring.

Furthermore, expensive insurance policies are excluded from the cost as these lots are locked and guarantee maximum security. Nobody without access can enter the facility, which is why insurance is not required.

There are also lower operational costs in terms of using lights and ventilation system. These automated systems require very few changes of the air; only once or twice per hour. As there won’t be people using these garages, there is no need for constant use of lights. They are used only in the parking process, which saves up a lot on the electricity bill.

Click on the following link: https://www.parkingtoday.com/articledetails.php?id=263&t=whats-it-cost-to-run-your-garage, to see the operational costs of running a standard parking facility.

Reduced pollution

Looking for a parking space can be an endless search which not only wastes people’s time but also causes damage to the environment. In what way?

When drivers look for a free spot, they often go from one floor to the other or circulate numerous times in the lot. This means high release of emission as cars increase their CO2 emissions when they frequently use the break or stop and re-accelerate the vehicle.

This doesn’t happen with self-driving systems, because when autos enter the system, their engines aren’t running as well as when they leave the facility. It helps in the reduction of pollution by 50 per cent.

Increased safety and security

Automated parking lots provide such a safety and security, which could never be achieved by the traditional ones. Drivers no longer have to worry about bumping and damaging their or other cars which often happens while doing maneuvers. They also shouldn’t worry about having something stolen from their autos as these facilities are locked and a limited number of people has authorized access.

The safety of your vehicle is not the only thing which is important. Drivers’ and passengers’ safety is taken into consideration too. Conventional parking lots usually cause a morbid feeling from the moment you enter them. The dim lights are making you turn around and watch out, fearing that you might get mugged. In self-parking lots, drivers don’t even enter, which relieves their feeling of fear.

Satisfied customers

Drivers drop and pick up their vehicles in what is called a transfer area. These areas are designed in a luxurious way, creating a sense of comfortability and safety. There are also specially designed mobile applications, which they use to command the automobiles. The apps are easy to operate and highly functional, which makes them more appealing for the clients.

Wrap up

Self-parking systems provide numerous benefits when it comes to reducing costs, protecting the environment, creating a feeling of safety and offering an excellent customer experience.

They do not waste your time and help you relax in the moment when you have to park your vehicle. We hope they would be available everywhere soon!