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Bigcommerce Mightyforms Form Builder

Launched earlier this year, Mightyforms have entered the limelight due to its impeccably distinct features. It is available as an application and can also be used as a WordPress plugin. The reason why it is considered as the ultimate form creator is because of its simple and inherent functions. These functions can help anyone who is not good with such customizations feel like a pro. BigCommerce Form Builder not only aids in making your website appealing but it also helps in practice successful strategies.

Many still question the need and importance of forms or questionnaires. Let us have a look at how the BigCommerce Form Builder assists any business to be victorious.

Optimizes Conversion

Conversion is when the people who see your ads start to visit your website. And the people who visit your website purchase your product or perform your desired action, they are converted. Forms, may they be of any sort, optimized high-yield of conversion rates. They help you interact with your consumer better and in return makes you trust-worthy in the eyes of the consumers.

Conversion rates are directly linked to the success of any business. If you have high conversion rates or mild rates but increasing steadily, you are doing well.

Form Design

Now as the forms optimize conversion, the right design helps you create the right form. What is the right form? The one that is appealing to the customer and is sufficient for them. Forms reflect your brand just like your product does. If you have a retro or vintage website, but the contact form or subscription form is just like another boring template, people won’t be interested in it.

Concise Forms

Paper forms or surveys are good at grabbing the public’s attention. Mostly, people are compelled or forced to complete those forms because they have started to do so. But it is very easy for them to abandon the online forms as soon as they are bored. So, you need to create forms that are neither too long nor lacking important information. That is you need to be short and concise.

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Tutorial Tips

One of the bright new features of the BigCommerce Form Builder is that you can add a toggle wherever you want in a form.  These are the guidelines that help the responder understands why is it necessary to fill a field. Or why a certain field is included in the form. It is an accessory that can help people understand a form thoroughly. It also increases the response rate as many people leave the form when they don’t understand a question in it.

It Affects The User’s Effort

The customers or public fill out the forms that are easy and short.

BigCommerce Form Builder helps you create forms that are user-friendly and can be easily filled out. PDF filling forms are the most prominent of such forms. Once the customers are satisfied that the form is not tedious to fill, they respond to it quickly. Hence, the forms created with single-choice options or drop-down techniques are easy-peasy.


As a result of the above-discussed qualities of BigCommerce Form Builder, it is vivid that mightyforms are the best form builders as they are user-friendly. The forms are designed to be trouble-free. Also, the automated workflow and cloud integrations make them superior to the other online builders.