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Music Accessories

The Best Music Accessories To Take On Your Trip

Music is the art of the combination of sounds and silences. With silence, nobody usually has any problem, but those who play a musical instrument, by hobby or profession, constantly face the problem of the noise it generates, especially when on trips and want to work by themselves.

We have selected eight musical instruments and accessories that will go unnoticed by the neighbours or people on the trips. There are solutions to reducing the volume of acoustic instruments as loud as the drums or trumpet and electronic versions to which headphones can be connected to rehearse privately, such as a digital piano or the classic electric guitar.

Electronic Instruments

Ifi Idsd Black Label

In addition to DAC, ifi idsd black label can be used as a preliminary, by directly attaching it to an amplifier or active speaker, and/or as a headphone amplifier, featuring RCA outputs with volume control and X-Bass tone controls (bass) and ‘3D-holographic’ spatiality, the effect of which is much more audible in this version. IDSD works on batteries, which are charged via USB, and can itself function as a mobile phone charger!

Audio Interface

An audio interface, basically an external sound card, is the main station of your recording studio. It provides us with inputs for microphone and other instruments, converts the analog signal into digital while allowing you to monitor your recordings. The vast majority of these accessories include USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt ports.

Something that you should keep in mind when choosing your interface is its power supply, an interface with its own power can be practical. It does not require external power, they receive the necessary energy through the information cable. In any case, these cards have some limitations related to the power supply, since sometimes they do not include phantom power (with DC voltage ranging from 11 to 48 volts) for high-performance preamps, condenser microphones, or high headphone outputs without power. If your interface is either one of these, make sure it consists of a phantom power switch if not a proper power supply.

UR22 MKII of Steinberg has its own power which also lets us plug it into a power source. You can simply change the power with a switch. It also allows you to use an iPad without the need for some electrical source.

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Battery

Current electronic batteries offer almost the same possibilities as acoustics. In this version of Alesis (Nitro Kit), the dynamic patches offer a natural sensation and response to the intensity of the blows. It includes four pads (box and three toms), bass drum structure Charles, Cashes, and ride plates. The central module contains 385 sounds and 40 different settings. If you also use headphones, nobody will find out that you are playing the drums in the next room. You will need a pair of drumsticks and a saddle to practice comfortably for hours.

Sony Mdr-7506 Headphones

When connecting headphones to any electrical instrument, practically all models and ranges can fulfil the function of monitoring what we are playing and preventing others from listening to it. But if the headphones are equalized to boost certain frequencies (serious, medium, or high), the appreciation of the technique and nuances could be affected. A model like the Sony MDR-7506, designed for studio recording, has a flat and more realistic sound than we are playing on the instrument, so they are perfect for rehearsing.

Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano

Unlike synthesizer keyboards, which offer a large number of sound banks and versatile constructions, digital pianos are focused on providing an experience closer to that of an acoustic one. The Alesis Recital Pro model features 88 full-sized keys with hammer action and intensity-sensitive. It has 12 different voices, including organ, vibraphone, and harpsichord. It includes two speakers, but headphones can be plugged in for private practice. You can complete the kit with a sustained pedal, a stand, and a stool.

Yamaha Erg 121 Gp Ii Bl Electric Guitar Kit

Although there are several homemade solutions to lower the volume of an acoustic guitar, professional options are nonexistent. So the best alternative to play the guitar without disturbing anyone is to use an electric model. In this case, the Yamaha ERG 121 line is accompanied by everything you need: amplifier, case, strap, strings, tuner, and even pick. Just connect the headphones to avoid disturbing anyone with the noise.

Acoustic Silencers


If you already have monitors in your portable studio, you may be able to – with the passage of time – switch from headphones to speakers. For these type of cases, you would need active monitors, since most interfaces cannot provide enough energy for liabilities. You can find these speakers in different sizes, they are ideal to save space.

The VL-S3 Tascam is a good choice with small screens. Smaller than a dinA4 sheet. This is an active and passive speaker pair with an active amplifier in either one of the two that sends the amplified signal to the other (passive) monitor. These speakers have two advantages: they are not as expensive as the active monitors, you just need an outlet, which is very comfortable if you are travelling.

Yamaha Silent Brass Trumpet Mute

On YouTube, there are dozens of videos of trumpeters giving the advice to rehearse at home or anywhere else without disturbing others. For example: place a thick garment in front of the bell, knock against an open closet, and put a plastic bottle in the hood, among other homemade solutions. In this case, the mutes are not the best option, since they can change the tuning and natural timbre of the instrument. But recently, the Yamaha brand, launched the Silent Brass system, a silencer that contains a microphone inside the bell that, when connecting headphones, allows the trumpeter to hear the real sound of his instrument.

All-In-One Portable Recorder

Portable recorders offer us high-quality sound for quite some years. With this, you don’t need a laptop, tablet or any other audio interface to record.

Having the Zoom H4n will allow you to always carry at least one quality stereo microphone. The recorder includes a multi-effect as well as a limiter, a tuner, and an amplifier simulator make this recorder a great portable studio. With its rubber sheath, it is robust enough so that it can resist nature’s elements as well as safe transportation.


Do not worry, once you decide where you are going to go (outside or inside, comfortable or ultra-mobile) you can set up your studio on a parakeet with hardly any budget constraint. There is nothing like escaping the 4 walls of a studio and going on an adventure, ready to begin the “Rec”.