/How to Do SEO for Your Mobile App
How to Do SEO for Your Mobile App

How to Do SEO for Your Mobile App

Mobile phone use is steadily increasing due to continuous mobile technology innovation. In 2020, marketing predictions show that an adult will spend an average of four hours browsing the internet using a smartphone. And, around 88% of this time will be spent using mobile applications. This statistic speaks volumes on the importance of optimizing websites for mobile use as well as building custom apps to promote a business. And if you already have an application you want to promote, the best SEO companies recommend knowing the key principles of digital marketing for increased app sales or downloads.

The Best SEO Companies Define Digital Marketing Suited for Mobile Apps

Promoting a mobile application is similar in many ways to promoting a website. One of the key differences is that users find apps through application stores like Google Play and the Apple Store. But, it’s also true that app discovery isn’t limited to these platforms since many are still found elsewhere. For example, a user can find out about an app through regular Google search, a website promotion, advertisements, and word of mouth. Therefore, the best SEO companies Tampa suggest employing search engine optimization to promote a mobile application.

What Aspects of SEO Ranking Impact Mobile App Download and Use?

It’s clear that SEO is equally essential for app promotion. According to the best SEO companies Tampa, the principles are similar to website optimization, especially when it comes to factors that affect app ranking on search results.

  1. Using the right keywords. SEO banks on keyword use to get a higher ranking. Over time, the mere use of keywords has evolved into result relevance. But, finding the right keyword to promote a mobile app still remains a basic principle in mobile app SEO. Most marketers today use Google’s keyword planner or a third-party research tool. These tools help in identifying keywords that will put your mobile app in a favorable search results spot.
  2. Application ratings and reviews. App ratings affect app store rankings and are at the same time, a critical SEO factor. Google gives importance to what users think about your product, hence higher ratings and reviews will impact search results as well.
  3. Get high-quality backlinks. Every SEO strategy needs quality backlinks. You can do this by adding an app download link from the webpage. You can also get backlinks by publishing on other websites and blogs. Of course, you need to choose domains with high authority as this is also key to making sure that backlinks are high-quality.

These SEO principles are by no means exhaustive. The best SEO companies Tampa will often adjust the strategy to suit the needs of the company. But, it’s critical to have a solid foundation, especially when it comes to SEO techniques that remain relevant and impactful.

Does Search Results Optimization Work Differently for App Stores?

As discussed earlier, a majority of mobile app users find and download an app using the app store. And in addition to regular SEO, there’s also what’s called App Store Optimization or ASO. This strategy specifically pertains to optimization that will ensure that an app gets a higher ranking with the app store search results. The principles are similar to SEO for websites, but the results focus on the app store alone. So, how is it done?

  • Choosing the right app store keywords. Once again, optimizing within the app store begins with keyword research. There are keyword research tools specific for app store optimization. You can use these tools to find keywords that are most relevant to your app. One thing to remember is that you don’t need to use the most popular keywords. What’s more important is how the keywords relate to your app and how relevant it is to the user.
  • Where do you put these keywords? After choosing and optimizing keywords, the next step is choosing where to put these keywords. When it comes to metadata, there are plenty of options that the best SEO companies recommend using. One is the app name. If you use keywords in the app title, it makes the content more searchable. Both Google and Apple scan the app title or name when there’s a user search query. Of course, you can’t stuff the title with keywords because you need to limit the character number.
  • How to convert visitors into app users. After optimizing keywords, your next step is to optimize the app’s main page. To increase installs, you need to persuade each visitor to download the app. Some elements to look into are the application icon, page screenshots, app previews, videos, and ratings.
  • Localizing your application. App localization increases your target market reach. However, this task can be daunting. Before considering a complete app localization, you can begin by making your app friendlier to local users. For example, you can translate the app name, specific screenshots, and keywords on the main page.
  • Application size. Another factor that impacts app optimization is the app size. Smaller apps are more likely to entice downloads. For Google users, an app bigger than 100MB will be challenging to download using mobile data. So, if you have a potential user trying to download an app while traveling, a big app could be a potential deterrent.
  • Update frequency. Releasing regular app updates is another recommended technique. It will keep your app on top of updates lists, and also helps increase user loyalty. An update of at least once every month is ideal.
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By putting all these principles together you can establish a mobile app optimization strategy that meets your needs. Of course, it helps if you take the time to research statistics that relate to your app niche. Remember that these factors can change as trends in ASO is also as dynamic as SEO.

In conclusion, optimizing a mobile app should not be limited to app store results. Regular SEO for search engine results also play a critical role in promoting mobile applications. What the best SEO companies Tampa advise is creating a perfect balance between the strategies you employ for SEO, and those for ASO. These two work hand in hand to help increase app visibility and installs.